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  1. Just watched the August 10, 2011 History’s Detectives on opb.org (Oregon Public Broadcasting). The program was interesting because it had two things of interest to us:
    The first was about wooden propellers made by Wurlitzer Piano Company in DeKalb, IL. These were used on drone bomber airplanes used in the Pacific Theatre in 1944-1945. (Bet you didn’t know we had drone bomber planes back then.) Further research about Wurlitzer only says they discontinued making musical instruments during the war to make things for the military. They received the coveted Army-Navy E Award, something only 4% of all military suppliers received in WWII.
    The second item was a “war club” with connection to Teddy Roosevelt, and took them to the Rutland Museum. Also very interesting because Rutland was the small town 15 miles from our Annual Convention just two weeks ago, and was visited by the ladies while the guys were in classes.
    You might be able to stream the program tonight at 1 am (well, it would be Tuesday by then) Pacific Time, (4 am Eastern). The DVD with three years of History’s Detectives is available at shopopb.org for $29.95.
    Randy Potter, Bend, Oregon

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