MPT Digital Journal

New digital format:

Starting in 2013, the MPT Journal is published quarterly in digital PDF format.  You are able to save the new journal to your computer, iPad or other devices.  This will allow you to easily archive the journal for many years, search articles easily and read the journal on the go!  All members will receive a digital journal only unless you pay extra for the printed version – specify by completing the Membership Support Form or sending a note with your yearly dues.

How to download digital journals:

You will get an email with the new journal link.  Simply click on the email to download the new digital journal.  An archive of digital editions is also available below.  Print edition archives are not currently available.

Submit an article to the journal:

All active members can submit an article to the journal for consideration.  If your article is accepted, it will be published in the MPT journal in the first available edition.   By submitting articles to the journal, you agree to allow MPT the right to publish your work in the journal, on the web site and in any other MPT publications for the life of the work.  All articles are subject to our technical editor’s approval – not all submissions may be published and all published work is subject to final editorial review.  The MPT is a volunteer organization and by submitting work to the MPT, you agree that you will receive no compensation for your work published through the MPT Journal.

Deadlines for the publication of articles will be as follows:

Spring (March) – last week of February

Summer ( June) – last week of May

Fall (Sept) – last week of August

Winter (Dec) – last week of November

Submit articles in word or text format to email the editor

Vince Myrkalo – Technical Editor for MPT Journal

Vince started his piano technology career in 1972 at the Empire School of Piano Tuning.  He apprenticed with Kenneth Webster, President of a New Jersey Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild and immediately began working at AJ Music, a Baldwin dealer in Howell, NJ.  Vince moved to Provo, Utah in August 1974 to finish his music degree.  In 1978 he began a full time career in piano tuning and repair, working for Wakefield’s, a Baldwin dealer.  He is always looking for, and takes, opportunities for continuing his education.  Read more about Vince and see his work at