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2015 Convention

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August 6 – 8, 2015, Lowell, MA

171 Lincoln St, Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 458-8688

Open at 7:30 a.m.!

“The Shocks, Brakes, and Mufflers of the Piano Business”

Including both theoretical and hands-on learning!

  • Round Table Discussion – state of the industry historically, today, and the future. Express your thoughts, hear the thoughts of others, strengthen our message and simplify the delivery to our clients in order to help improve the state of the music business overall.
  • Action Design Theory with Roy Mallory, engineer
  •  Evaluating and Documenting the Piano Action with Larry Buck
  • Hands on in the shop – several work stations covering the key frame and keys (refelting, balance rail holes, diagnosing); repetitions (rebuilding for general use or performance); hammers (weighing, boring, tapering, tailing, and hanging)
  •  Suggestions for regulating
  •  Web SEO and Reaching Your Potential Clients with Frank Baxter, owner of the “Piano World” website—home of the world famous piano forums
  •  Listening to the piano – from the point of view of the sound board, how do we evaluate the piano we have? What is its potential? Our clients often ask our thoughts on improving the tone of their piano through voicing, hammer replacement, or potential restoration of its strings/pin block etc. This is not a course on sound board replacement or design, but rather on listening and evaluating the sound board we have. Please check this website regularly for updates on the progress of this topic.
  • The Fredericks Piano Collection – Mike and Pat Fredericks have agreed to a tour and discussion of their very fine collection, followed by a performance on one of their historical pianos. This collection is a truly rare gem hidden away in the beautiful country setting of Ashburnham, MA.
Additional speakers include:
  • Marc Wienert – Marc has agreed to talk about his experiences in piano prep for such well known projects as the Zemph Studios, NC, Abbey Road Studios, London and his career at Manhattan School of Music. Marc was featured in the book, “Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey” by Perri Knize (2009).
  • Dan Powers – retired prototype machinist for M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Dan has designed a number of imaginative jigs for piano work which improve time and accuracy and has agreed to discuss his approach.
Hotel information:
  • University Inn and Suites – right here in scenic Lowell for $89/night.  Call 978-934-6920 to reserve a room.

2 Responses

  1. Larry Buck says

    As I am getting things together here, It will be very helpful for me to hear from ALL of you.

    How many are regulating on a regular basis as in every week?
    How many are engaged in hammer replacement”
    Action rebuilding?
    Do you buy your parts pre-bored, pre-hung or are you doing the woodwork yourself?

    Your responses will go a long way to tailoring this to be more productive for you.

  2. Larry Buck says

    I am very pleased to have the privilege of hosting this years convention.

    Please look for preliminary details in the upcoming Journal.

    I would encourage everyone to email me your thoughts as to what you might like to see.

    This is your convention.

    Larry Buck